4 pics 1 word letters writing activity

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4 pics 1 word letters writing activity

February 01, TGIF!!! I absolutely adored seeing my kiddos learn about space, but this week was a toughie. Sick and tired kiddos do not make for a happy class. Everything kept going the wrong way: I was seriously scared to leave my house this morning! So here's hoping the stars re-align this weekend and my class comes back rockin' and rollin' and ready to learn on Monday!

With all that being said, it was still a fun and jam-packed week. As always, I test it on my kiddos and make revisions first.

4 pics 1 word letters writing activity

Read on to tale a look at our week and for your Friday freebie- a space-themed emergent reader! Squishy Paint Suns These were a ton of fun! I squirted some red and yellow paint onto a white circle which I had previously glued onto the black construction papercovered it with saran wrap, and let the kiddos squish away!

This was definitely the most favorite art project this week. My kiddos used a clothespin to pick up cotton balls, dipped them in the gray paint, and filled in the moon.

They were careful to stamp the moon with the cotton ball instead of smoothing the paint, because as we discussed, the surface of the moon is bumpy and filled with craters!

Tissue Paper Earths More sneaky fine motor fun! After learning about eight planets and why the Earth is so special, my class made tissue paper plate Earths. They turned out great even though I vastly underestimated the time they would take to make!

Name Rockets More fine motor fun! The kiddos cut pre-traced square shapes out of construction paper, wrote their name in each square, and then assembled the body of the rocket. They also cut out the triangle top, assembled the rocket onto a black background, and drew flames coming out of the bottom.

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Jessica here forgot the Q-tipsthey finger-painted yellow stars onto the background. They are now adorning our bulletin board!

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Spent some time with letter A this week, discussing its' sound and formation.Year 1 Literacy. Term/ Year – Spring Term 1 Text: Baby Elephant (unaided writing task).

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It all started with a cookie sheet. I was observing a student in a kindergarten classroom during literacy center time and in one of the centers the teacher placed magnetic letters on a cookie sheet and the students made words with the letters.

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Apr 23,  · Updated to: Level Please find below all answers to “4 Pics 1 Word”, an ios game developed by LOTUM GmbH. Find your answer INSTANTLY using this word . anthropology; archaeology; architecture; art.

art criticism; literary criticism; film theory; biology; composition studies; criminology. pathways perspective; economics. It is played much like musical chairs, but in a less, well, aggressive way!

We all know how intense musical chairs can get sometimes. Anyways, the amount of spots or flowers you need depends on the amount of students in your group.

4 pics 1 word letters writing activity
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