A biography of st peter canisius

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A biography of st peter canisius

For that reason he is reckoned an apostle to Germany, second only to St. With stupendous energy he preached and taught in parishes, reformed and founded universities, wrote many books including popular catechisms, restored lapsed Catholics, converted Protestants, preached retreats, and found time to care for the sick.

In his last thirty years traveling more than twenty thousand miles on foot or horseback, St. Peter Canisius spearheaded the renewal of the Catholic faith in southern Germany.

Peter Canisius revitalized Catholic life and teaching at universities in Ingolstadt and Augsburg. He founded new ones at Prague and Fribourg.

A biography of st peter canisius

In all four cities his preaching and catechizing won the hearts of Catholics and attracted nominal Protestants to the church. In Vienna his personal care for plague victims made him a most popular figure. AfterPeter Canisius published his famous Summary of Christian Doctrine and two smaller catechisms.

In the late sixteenth century, when open hostility typified relations between Catholics and Protestants, Peter Canisius advised charity and moderation. He opposed theological debates with Protestant leaders and, in general, discouraged discussion of Catholic distinctives such as indulgences, purgatory, and monastic vows with Protestants.

He believed such efforts only heightened division and embittered relations. He articulated his views in this letter to his Jesuit superior: It is plainly wrong to meet non-Catholics with bitterness or to treat them with discourtesy. We ought to instruct with meekness those whom heresy has made bitter and suspicious, and has estranged from orthodox Catholics, especially from our fellow Jesuits.

Thus, by whole-hearted charity and good will we may win them over to us in the Lord. Again, it is a mistaken policy to behave in a contentious fashion and to start disputes about matters of belief with argumentative people who are disposed by their very natures to wrangling.

Indeed, the fact of their being so constituted is a reason the more why such people should be attracted and won to the simplicity of the faith as much by example as by argument. InPeter Canisius suffered a stroke that nearly killed him. But he recovered and devoted himself to writing for six more years until his death in Let my eyes take their sleep, but may my heart always keep watch for you.

May your right hand bless your servants who love you. May I be united with the praise that flows from you, Lord Jesus, to all your saints; united with the gratitude drawn from your heart, good Jesus, that causes your saints to thank you; united with your passion, good Jesus, by which you took away our guilt; united with the divine longing that you had on earth for our salvation; united with every prayer that welled from your divine heart, good Jesus, and flowed into the hearts of your saints.Today is the Feast of St.

Peter Canisius, SJ. The Roman Martyrology declares in its entry for him: St. Peter Canisius, priest of the Society of Jesus, confessor and doctor of the Church, who departed to the Lord on the 21st of December.

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Subscribe to Future Posts on A Catholic Life See Article History Alternative Titles: Educated at the University of CologneCanisius became a Jesuit and taught at the universities of Cologne, Ingolstadt, and Vienna.

Yet, there is more to this saint's life than the Martyrology declares. Peter Canisius, a renowned courageous Dutch Jesuit Priest was born in in Nijmegen in the Duchy of Guelders.

At 43, he founded colleges that even Protestants respected. They gave him a cover as official “visitor” of Jesuit foundations. Biography Canisius was a half-brother of St.

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Peter Canisius. After winning, at the age of twenty-two, the highest academic distinction at Louvain, he decided to follow his stepbrother and enter the Society of Jesus, and was sent to St. Ignatius of Loyola in Rome, who received him into the Society. Blessed Peter Canisius. (Ingolstadt, , and later Paris and Lyons); the treatise on St.

Peter and his primacy was only begun; the work on the Virgin Mary contains some quotations from the Fathers of the Church that had not been printed previously, "Canisius's whole life". Son of Jacob Canisius, a wealthy burgomeister, and Ægidia van Houweningen, who died shortly after Peter’s birth.

Educated in Cologne, Germany, studying art, civil law and theology. He was an excellent student, and received a master’s degree by age 19; his closest friends at .

The Dutch Jesuit St. Peter Canisius () was a leading figure of the Counter Reformation. A deeply prayerful man and indefatigable worker, he reanimated the Catholic Church in central Europe by preaching, writing, and founding Jesuit colleges.

Peter Canisius or Peter kanis, was born in the Dutch town of Nijmegen on May 8,

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