A story about sarah and the secret seven

Report Story Ch7 - Sarah Steven had come home from work that evening in a foul mood. The mental abuse began immediately, making Sarah especially nervous.

A story about sarah and the secret seven

Specifically, the Midrash writes, Yaakob transmitted to Yosef all the Torah he had learned during the years he spent in the yeshivah of Shem and Eber. The work Bet Aharon raises the question of why Yaakob transmitted to Yosef specifically the Torah knowledge which he received from Shem and Eber.

After all, Yaakob Aninu learned Torah for many years at home before going to learn with Shem and Eber. Yaakob thus received Torah not only from Shem and Eber, but also from his father and grandfather.

Why, then, does the Midrash teach that Yaakob transmitted to Yosef specifically the Torah he received at the academy of Shem and Eber? The Bet Aharon answers that Yaakob foresaw the suffering and hardship that Yosef would endure, and so he prepared him during his youth by teaching him specifically the Torah of Shem and Eber.

Both Shem and Eber witnessed great upheavals and tragedies, but they retained their faith. Their spirits were not broken, and they devoted themselves to Hashem and to Torah even after experiencing cataclysmic events. This is the Torah that Yaakob made a point of transmitting to Yosef, knowing that Yosef would need this level of faith to get through the difficult period he would be forced to suffer.

Sure enough, Yosef went through his ordeal with his faith fully intact. After his prophetic dreams which foretold his leadership over his family, everything seemed to be headed in the opposite direction. His brothers despised him, and they later sold him as a slave to a foreign country.

There could be nothing further from royalty than being a slave in Egypt. And then, Yosef was thrown into an Egyptian prison for a crime he never committed.

A story about sarah and the secret seven

There did not appear to be any reason to imagine that he would ever be released, let alone become a ruler. And yet, Yosef retained his faith. This phrase, at first glance, seems redundant.

The Bet Aharon explains this to mean that once Yosef was placed in the prison, he was there willingly. He did not complain or feel embittered by his situation. The story of Yosef teaches us the vitally important lesson of Hashgaha Providencereminding us that no matter how difficult it sometimes is to view our situation from a positive angle, we must firmly trust that everything that happens is for the best.

When we live with this level of faith, then we, like Yosef, will not be broken by adversity, and will instead accept every condition we find ourselves in, and will always be happy, upbeat and confident, regardless of the situation.The Eureka Key (Secrets of the Seven, #1), The Eagle's Quill (Secrets of the Seven, #2), and The Ring of Honor (Secrets of the Seven #3).

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Sarah struggled to stand before the surprise of her attack wore off. Making her way to the counter, she grabbed the knife that lay waiting next to the watermelon, as if in anticipation.

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Suddenly, she felt Steven behind her and she turned to face him, holding up the blade. Music, Film, TV and Political News Coverage. Can the Secret Seven follow the clues and catch up with the girl, or will Susie, Jack's troublesome little sister get in the way?First published in , this edition contains the original text and is unillustrated.5/5(5).

In the Biblical narrative, Sarah is the wife of Abraham.


In two places in the narrative he says Sarah is his sister (Genesis through , in the encounter with Pharaoh, and Genesis 20, .

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