Censorship guideline to media of malaysia

Censorship and Ethics in Malaysia Censorship and Ethics in Malaysia 11 November Mass Media For example the issue of race, religion or the monarchies of the country are subjects that lead to provocation amongst the people of the country. With the emergence of the media that was invented for a long period, we have been constantly striving to understand the effects of media and how it plays a role in the behavior of the people receiving the information. The media had always been given conflicting views on whether it is building up the qualities of human life or either destroying it by creating social disorders. In the Malaysian media context, censorship has always been a rising issue in the process of adapting to a modern knowledge based economy and keeping at par with other international media.

Censorship guideline to media of malaysia

Music concerts[ edit ] InAmerican rock band Linkin Park was told to refrain from wearing shorts while performing [39] and insinger Mariah Carey was asked to cover up.

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Her onstage moves were considered too provocative for Malaysia's teenage population. In Septemberthe Malaysian government agreed to let Muslims attend a concert by US hip-hop stars The Black Eyed Peasreversing an earlier ban imposed because the show was sponsored by an alcoholic beverage company.

The government did not give further details on the U-turn, which had caused an outcry in the Muslim-majority nation. The protest reflects growing conflicts between moderate and conservative Muslims, including many occupying positions of power in the government and judiciary, in a country that has long been considered a moderate society in the Islamic world.

Moderate Muslims, Chinese, Indians and other non-Muslims criticised conservative Muslims, calling them "narrow-minded" in the wake of these events.

Censorship guideline to media of malaysia

In October the same year, Adam Lambert scheduled concert in Malaysia was given the green light amid moderate protests from fundamental Muslims over controversies pertaining to his sexuality.

In Februaryan Erykah Badu concert was cancelled because it was found that she had applied a Temporary Tattoo of the word Allah on a part of her body. Songs[ edit ] Any songs whether from local or foreign singers, may be censored if the song contains explicit lyrics or sexual references.

For example, inthe nation's public broadcaster, Radio Televisyen Malaysia, bans 71 songs by local artists in just three months alone. However, privately owned radio stations and online streaming services are still allowed to play and host the song.

In addition, singles released to Malaysian radio stations may be different from the version released in the album due to censorship purpose. Film and cinema[ edit ] Television[ edit ] Ownership of satellite receivers other than those provided by Astro is illegal without a license which in itself is difficult and prohibitively expensive to obtain.

Owners of such receivers without a license can face confiscation of equipment as well as a hefty fine if discovered.

Censorship guideline to media of malaysia

This is enforced through tip-offs, and owners can be found out quite easily, as many of these receivers rely on dishes that are significantly bigger than those provided by Astro. As well, strong language is also muted, whether on both free-to-air or pay television.

Although contractually, satellite networks cannot be censored in the country, Astro has censored news footage that is critical of the ruling government. Therefore, the Malaysian feed of most channels is often the one meant for conservative areas, i.

InSaban's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was taken off the air because of the similarities of the word "Morphin" a short form for " Metamorphorsizing "to the drug Morphine. According to the video posted on YouTube, some short interviews with two demonstrators were removed from the news clip.

On top of that, a scene which showed the riot police firing tear gas and chemical-laced water at the protestors was also censored. Some books are censored by removing entire pages. They also managed to get a list of some of the restricted books from one of their distributors.As Malaysia practices Islam as its official religion and is a multi-racial country, the advertising guidelines are very important so that commercials that appear on mass media are not offensive or seditious.

The watchman setting and implementing the guideline that defines the social, religious and moral values the rakyat are allowed to be exposed to in the cinema is the Film Censorship Board, operating under the jurisdiction of the Home Ministry.

(Video offered by Dailymotion) Bohemian Rhapsody is reportedly being censored in Malaysia as a result of nation’s strict anti-homosexuality legal guidelines.


Censors have eliminated 24 minutes from the biopic that tells the story of Queen and its frontman Freddie Mercury, in accordance with the Malay Mail. Among the many deleted passages is the video for [ ]. Approval from the Film Censorship Board (LPF) shall be obtained prior to the distribution or public viewing of all local and foreign films.

Each film that has been viewed, censored and considered suitable for public screening by LPF shall be issued Censorship Certificate (Certificate A) within three (3) weeks.

Mar 07,  · Following our previous articles about increasing political censorship of the Internet in Malaysia, things have quickly gone from bad to worse. In fact since July , the Malaysian government has blocked at least ten websites, including online news portals and private blogs, for reporting about.

Mar 30,  · Is an anti-fake news law proposed in Malaysia really designed to protect the country's citizens, or is it just a way for the government to clamp down on the media and stifle free speech?

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