Crm in banking sector thesis

A review of the literature revealed that various scholars on the subject of customer relationship management hold divergent views on the exact domain of CRM because of its multi-faceted nature. Furthermore, CRM remains vague in terms of its impact on firm performance because the generative mechanisms have not been fully considered. Therefore, the central aim of this thesis is to develop an empirically based conceptual model of the process that has the potential for crossing cultural and sectoral boundaries and highlights the potential link between CRM and the establishment of long term customer value. This thesis presents and discusses empirical findings from a survey of senior managers and customers in the Taiwanese banking sector who are examined from their perspectives by using structural equation modeling.

Crm in banking sector thesis

Crm in banking sector thesis

Some features of this site may not work without it. The customer has become the centrepiece of business strategy due to the growing realization of the importance of the customer to businesses. The principal driving force behind this trend is competition.

Data was collected using questionnaires from relationship staff of various universal banks in Ghana. Individually, Competence, commitment and communication were found to be significant drivers of customer loyalty.

Similarly, the study also revealed that the mediating variables together are essential co-determinants of customer loyalty in that they together boost the potential of CRM to enhance customer loyalty.

The study recommends that if banks desire to achieve high customer loyalty then CRM has to be considered as a strategy. Banks must recruit qualified relationship staff. Relevant and continuous staff training should also be given the highest premium since competence has been found to be the chief driver of customer loyalty.

Finally, Top management must demonstrate genuine commitment and active involvement in relationship management issues through regular supervision, leadership, participation while providing vision and shaping values towards building a customer-centric culture in the entire organization.Effectiveness of Customer Relationship Management on Customer Satisfaction in the Commercial Banks of Taiwan.

(CRM) strategies of banks does not provide a comprehensive outline of what the number of banking consolidation and cross-sector business increased rapidly.

Taiwan’s financial industry, which now accounts for 12%.

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Customer Relationship Management is really much more a human function than a technology implementation. And while banks need to constantly orient their employees and vend.. CRM in Banking Sector with special reference to New Age Banks.

DR. SURESH CHANDRA BIHARI 1 and MRINAL MURDIA 2. In the banking sector in .

Crm in banking sector thesis

1 Paper CRM: Making it Simple for the Banking Industry Aslam Chaudhry, SAS Institute Inc., Cary, NC ABSTRACT Executing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for the financial and banking industry involves many issues. The Critical Success Factors for Implementation of Customer Relationship Management in the Banking Sector of Saudi Arabia Dr.

Sulaiman A. Al-Hudhaif, Associate Dean for . Private Banking Performance and Customer Relationship Management: An exploratory study comparing Switzerland and India The three pillars of success of Swiss Private Banking 41 THE PRIVATE BANKING SECTOR IN INDIA 43 .- The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tool and Process 72 The Total Quality Service (TQS.

Request Changes to record. Abstract. There is wide agreement that the Internet has had a significant impact on the retail banking sector. However, no consensus has formed as to whether the Internet can provide retail banks with competitive advantage and if so, .

CRM system benefits : A case study of banking sector