Descriptive essay on wakeboarding

Use an editor to spell check essay. Have you ever participated in any water sports?

Descriptive essay on wakeboarding

Wakeboards have bindings so that the feet of the athlete does not slip off hence as wake boarders are towed behind motor boats at speeds of up to twenty miles per hour and one can do tricks such as flip, roll, grind and spin Cooperman, Wakeboarding is said to be fun to learn according to Cooperman This is because one can learn some cool sounding tricks like the roast beef or the back scratcher however the athlete has to be safe to wakeboard properly.

One has the obligation to practice also and have the right equipment. McKenna also says that wake boarders stand on their boards in the wakes of power boats. In this case a wake is a v-shaped set of waves that tails behind a moving boat McKenna, High Level Performance and Training Characteristics of the Sport or Activity High level performance training enables the wake borders doing tricks in the air.

McKenna found out that wake boarders during training practice to ride over wakes to jump into the air which they call catching the air. During the training wake boarders must lift their entire wakeboards off the water to catch air. McKenna continues to say that during the training wake boarders must position their bodies to land safely and keep their knees bent.

This in turn helps the knees absorb the force of the landing. Grabbing the rail is one of the easiest aerobic techniques. McKenna says that to train grabs wake boarders have to grab their wakeboards while on air with one and hold their rope handles with the other hand.

On the other hand in order to train for flips and spins wake boarders have to learn slowly to go upside down or spin all the way around McKenna, This type of training is achieved by using a boat which is moving at a moderate speed while the wake borders pass their rope handles from hand to hand.

This type of training takes time until a wake boarder is able to land with his or her hands behind their backs. Anaerobic training tricks enable wake borders to train on surface tricks. This type of training is much easier than aerobics.

McKenna says that wake borders learn can learn the butter slide anaerobic trick by slowly sliding their boards sideways across the water to do butter slides.

The article further says that the most important muscles used in wakeboarding are those in the back and ones core.

Descriptive essay on wakeboarding

Training for the strength of the shoulders, arms and legs muscles can be done in the gym and performing other type of field exercises before engaging in wakeboarding.

During this training sections when riders push down with their toes the board goes one way while when the riders push down with their heels the board should go in the opposite direction.Wakeboarding – Сustom Literature essay Wakeboarding A descriptive essay on the water sport, wakeboarding.

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A descriptive essay on the water sport, wakeboarding. Wakeboarding Wakeboarding is a fun and challenging sport. A couple of years ago I was boating with some friends when one of them pulled out something I had never seen before, a wakeboard.

Custom Wakeboarding Essay Cooperman () indicated that “wakeboarding is a combination of snowboarding and waterskiing whereby an athlete rides on a wakeboard by standing on it” (p.

Descriptive essay on wakeboarding

5). Writers use the descriptive essay to create a vivid picture of a person, place, or thing. Unlike a narrative essay, which reveals meaning through a personal story, the purpose of a descriptive essay is to reveal the meaning of a subject through detailed, sensory observation.

descriptive essay on wakeboarding.

A descriptive essay on the water sport, wakeboarding.

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