Dissertation on construction waste

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Dissertation on construction waste

Dissertation on construction waste

It is described as anything that has no value or has useless remains. Due to this little Dissertation on construction waste no value of these remains, a lot of waste has been generated since mankind has roamed the earth. Things got even worse as a result of the gradual increase of the human population, more waste is produced hence the need for waste management.

The management of waste has come to the attention of governments, designers and the general public alike, with the population gradually increasing, this also goes hand in hand with waste also increasing.

The question that begs to be asked is where will all this waste go, as I will mention later on that waste management was only considered because of economic reasons. However now it has come to peoples attention about the future scarcity of natural resources and the harm waste does to the environment.

Waste management in construction dissertation

The research highlights the obvious dangers the construction industry faces from the excess of material waste, construction goes hand in hand with materials. That is you require materials in order to build, but the issue is that not all the materials on site is utilized in the building, some just are not used.

This is due Dissertation on construction waste the fact that sometimes there is excess materials, due to over estimating or the remainders from used materials, like off cuts and so on.

The material waste is discussed thoroughly in this dissertation, with the aid of books and the internet simultaneously been utilized. From what I have come to realize from the research, is that consequently the material waste on site cuts into the contractors profits, this is due to the fact that there are costs associated with the disposal of waste, and in some cases it could be quite dare.

Dissertation on construction waste

I arrived at this conclusion when I considered the transportation and storage material waste, also the non re-clamation and so on. With this said, I have extensively discussed the severe lack of knowledge and poor site waste management plans in the dissertation. Finally I argued that a good site waste management plan is feasible in the construction industry, also mentioning that to have people on board, incentives could be introduced to encourage the workmen to be more efficient in handling the building materials.

I would focus on the topic and refer to it often in the essay as this will aid me to focus and not deviate from the topic. Brainstorming, that is by asking myself a lot of questions and answering them. After all the analyzing, researches and brainstorming, I should develop an in depth knowledge of what I am going to write about, in other words, I should be equipped enough to convert all the information gathered into the proposed dissertation.

It is well documented that the United Kingdom construction industry is the biggest consumer of natural resources. Every year, nearly 60 tonnes of material waste from the industry is sent to land fill sites, using building materials in a more efficient way will result to a significant reduction in the pollution of the environment.

It will also minimize the demand for more landfill and deforestation of the natural environment, also adding to the economic efficiency of the sector and the country as a whole.


Major improvements in materials efficiency are possible, without increasing cost, by: Applying these points will help the industry to achieve good or best practice in resource efficiency, the industry is increasingly trying to set targets for good practice waste minimization and management WMM and utilizing building materials that are highly recyclable.

The industry views this action plan as simple and doable, as it makes a quick and effective impact, and can be easily incorporated within the sustainability action plan. It was argued by Meadows et al. This however was opposed by Meyers and Simon in Beckman, ; UNDP, ;UNDESA,they stated that the fact that proven reserves are defined as reserves that could be extracted with modern day technology and price structures.

They backed it up by saying modern technology has increased the availability of natural resources and it also does it at a lower extraction cost than before. United States of America: Waste disposal does not just end at the contractor employing a waste disposal firm to remove the skips from the sites, but it goes much deeper than that.

The additional costs, that is like the duration it takes on site sorting, handling and managing waste, the cost of the materials that have been wasted, also voids in the skips fro poor packing, resulting in unnecessary reordering of extra skips, and I believe this problem is very difficult to quantify.

Yearly the costs of landfill tax, disposal fees and taxes and levies increases, this is mainly done with the argument that it will discourage carelessness from the contractors side, as the hardest way to come down on firms is to interfere with their finances. Now considering how expensive it is to dispose of waste, it is only logical that, to produce less waste is only more beneficial for the contractor as it will help in maintaining the profits as I briefly touched on in the first segment.

This led to legislation being introduced to improve the way that waste material was dealt with FoxallWilliams There are three main sectors in the United Kingdom that generate waste, and they are the construction and demolition sector, commercial and industrial and local authority collected waste.

Construction generated about The construction industry has a significant impact on the environment, this is due to the fact that it consumes a lot of resources and also by doing so naturally has a lot of waste. Our industry is liable for producing different types of waste, and this varies from the stages of the construction process, type of construction and the on site practices.

From the research I have done it is clear that the construction and demolition sector generates far more waste than its rivals. Recycling Construction and Demolition Waste.

It is generally wood, steel, rubble and concrete that comes from these sites. The primary sources of material waste comes are lack of consideration in the pre construction phase, during the designing, estimating and purchasing. At least when you under estimate nothing is wasted and you can always order the remaining materials to finish off.

Off Site Activities Buying materials manufactured off site reduces waste significantly, this is because it is built in factory conditions designed purposefully for that, also the people making it are well-trained personnel. It is known that while putting on the roof, there will be insulation and roof tile waste, also during painting, plastering and finishing a lot of waste is produced in the form of rubble.Collection Site Waste Management Practices in Construction Industry in United Kingdom A dissertation submitted to The University of Manchester for the degree of.

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If you are working on a dissertation in a construction-related field, you will need to create a topic that is timely and unique. Collection Site Waste Management Practices in Construction Industry in United Kingdom A dissertation submitted to The University of Manchester for the degree of.

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Many students need some inspiration to come up with great ideas. Waste management in the construction .

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