Kalagayang pangkalusugan ng mga obese obesidad

Ang pagbuo ng pananaliksik na ito ay nakatuon sa iisangadhikain. Pinagbuti ng mga naghanda na ang diwa ng mga nilalamanng pananaliksik ay umaayon sa adhikaing ito. Paglalahad ng Sulinarin May mga bagay nakahit payak ay nakapag-iiwan ng mgakatanungan o suliranin na nais magbigyang kasagutan.

Kalagayang pangkalusugan ng mga obese obesidad

Mindanao will experienced partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated rainshowers due to localized thunderstorms. Light to moderate winds coming from Northeast with slight to moderate seas. Flood now claims three, millions of damages on infra and agriculture By: Suyao, PIA-Agusan del Sur The continuous rainfall that cause floods province-wide now claim three lives and millions of damages on infrastructures and agriculture while increasing damages and risks to now 35 barangays with 10, families or 52, people from four municipalities that reported to the Provincial Disaster Management Center as of 5: The third casualty is Pedro Hilot, 34, from Barangay Sampaguita, Veruela, was found dead at around 1: Yesterday, the municipality of La Paz reported to have the highest number of persons affected totaling to 18, from eight barangays with 3, families, followed by Prosperidad with 17, persons from 11 barangays with 3, families.

The municipality of San Francisco reported nine barangays affected with 3, families or 14, persons and San Luis with seven barangays with families or 1, persons. To date, a family with nine members from Poblacion, Prosperidad evacuated at Born Again Church while 14 families with 93 members from San Luis evacuated to the municipal gym, social hall while others shared houses with their relatives.

To date, Prosperidad alone recorded some P2 million damages on roads and another estimated P7 million damages on agriculture.

San Luis reported some hectares of rice field damages without estimated cost yet. The local Disaster Coordinating Councils province-wide now continue to monitor the situation under close coordination with the Provincial Disaster Management Center managed by Roberto Natividad, while moderate rainfall continue to fall.

Josefina Bajade also conduct relief operations with the local government units. More overweight Filipinos at risk to heart disease, diabetes and hypertension The latest National Nutrition Survey by the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology FNRI-DOST revealed that there is an increasing trend of overweight and obesity among adults aged 20 years and over of both sexes from to Inthere were about 20 out of adults who were overweight, increasing to 24 and 27 out of in andrespectively.

Overweight, when left unattended, may result to many chronic degenerative diseases like heart diseases, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. In the survey, 2.

Pormat ng Pananaliksik - [DOCX Document]

Diabetes is a disease characterized by elevated blood sugar levels due to deficiency or absence of insulin which is needed to utilize blood sugar to turn it into energy.

Diabetes causes sugar levels in the blood to increase. The signs and symptoms of diabetes are numerous including frequent urination, excessive thirst, extreme hunger, sudden weight loss, weakness and fatigue, recurring or hard to heal wound or gum infection, drowsiness, tingling or numbness in hands or feet, itching of skin and genitals, sudden vision changes, and blurred vision.

Hypertension increases the danger of acquiring heart diseases. These health data indicate that policymakers need to develop appropriate policies and strategies to prevent the continuing increase in the number of overweight Filipinos.

Visitors Counter Saligan ng pag-aaral B. Pagpapahayag ng suliranin C.

At present, a lot of methods like fad diets, diet pills, and fasting may indeed induce rapid weight loss and these attract a lot of people who want to be slim.

However, like any sudden change to the body, these can be dangerous because they may also injure the heart and other organs. So it is important to take caution and consult a doctor or dietitian before taking any action.

To reduce weight, take the advice of nutritionists to go natural, healthily, and sustainably, like losing weight by eating less food or less high-energy foods and exercising more. Reducing weight does not mean starving oneself because everyone has a basic nutritional requirement to meet each day.

Rather than going without meals altogether, everyone is encouraged to practice a healthy lifestyle through a proper diet, good nutrition, increased physical activity, and regular exercise habit. Brisk walking, taking the stairs, and doing household chores are examples of simple forms of exercise which helps burn calories.

A healthy lifestyle is also synonymous to not smoking and avoiding alcoholic beverages. The secret to weight loss is: The key is to forget about instant results and settle in for the long run. The following are tips on how to lose weight: For more information on food and nutrition, contact Dr.

Pilipinong may high blood pressure dumadami Alam ba ninyo na ang bilang ng mga Pilipinong may high blood pressure o alta presyon ay tumaas mula Ibig sabihin, sa kasalukuyan, isa sa bawat apat na Pilipino edad 20 pataas ay may alta presyon. Tinatawag na silent killer dahil kadalasan ito ay hindi nararamdaman kahit sa loob nang mahabang panahon.

Malalaman mo lang na mayroon ka nito kung magpapakonsulta sa doctor at kukuhanan ng blood pressure kung saan maaaring ang komplikasyon sa ibat-ibang bahagi ng katawan ay lubhang malala na.

Magkaroon ng healthy lifestyle para maiwasan ang alta presyon. Panatilihin ang tamang timbang, huwag manigarilyo, iwasan ang mga pagkaing maalat, palagiang mag-ehersisyo at iwasan ang sobrang pag-inom ng alak. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon at kaalaman sa pagkain at nutrisyon, sumulat o tumawag kay Dr.

Kalagayang pangkalusugan ng mga obese obesidad

Maaari ding bisitahin ang FNRI website: The report further revealed that there is 2. These two indices are known to be one of the risk factors associated with chronic degenerative diseases, or the so-called lifestyle diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer among others.

Much has been said that being overweight and obese are brought about primarily by improper eating habits and sedentary lifestyle, which in effect, are both outcomes of the modern times and advancement in technology.Gestalt Psychology Gestalt psychology[->0] is a school of psychology based upon the idea that we experience things as unified wholes.

This approach to psychology began in Germany and Austria during the late 19th century in response to the molecular approach of structuralism.

Pormat ng Pananaliksik - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Kalagayang Pangkalusugan Ng Mga Obese Obesidad [Pananaliksik] Essay DAHON NG PAGPAPATIBAY Bilang pagtupad sa isa sa mga pangangailangan sa asignaturang Filipino, ang pananaliksik na ito na pinamagatang “Kalagayang pangkalusugan ng mga Obese” ay inihanda at iniharap ng mananaliksik mula sa seksyon na IV – St.

Titus ng Flos Carmeli Institution of Quezon City, SY . This adjusted the amount of land the Indians got and the colonists were allowed the Ohio River Valley, but the colonists were still angry at Britain because they had .

kalagayang pangkalusugan ng mga obese. anu ano ang kalagayan ng edukasyon sa pilipinas. editoryal tungkol sa kalagayan ng mga hayop ngayon. kalagayang pangkapaligiran ng rehiyon panahon at kalagayan noong s. kalagayan ng heograpiya ng .

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