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Watch the top three finalists give their elevator pitches at the Networking Night. Basic structure to begin with: During this time, I was drawn to the field of information systems. I enjoyed the challenge and new technologies that I learned while working with the company systems administrator in my internship as a database controller.

Northern colorado business report twitter page

The politics of Northern Cyprus takes place in a framework of a semi-presidential representative democratic republicwhereby northern colorado business report twitter page President is head of state and the Prime Minister head of governmentand of a multi-party system.

Executive power is exercised by the government. Legislative power is vested in both the government and the Assembly of the Republic. The Judiciary is independent of the executive and the legislature.

The legislature is the Assembly of the Republic, which has 50 members elected by proportional representation from six electoral districts. In the elections of Januarythe right-wing National Unity Party won the most seats in the Assembly, but a coalition was formed between the left-leaning pro-unification Republican Turkish Partythe centrist People's Partythe left-wing Communal Democracy Party and the centre-right Democratic Party.

Due to Northern Cyprus' isolation and heavy reliance on Turkish support, Turkey has a high level of influence over the country's politics.

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This has led to some experts characterising it as an effective puppet state of Turkey. Maronites do elect the leader of their villagewhilst Greek Cypriots have two appointed leaders, one by the Turkish Cypriot government and the other by the Republic of Cyprus.

No nation other than Turkey [39] [60] [61] [62] has officially recognised Northern Cyprus as a sovereign state.

These included measures for trade and million euro in aid. Inthe Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe gave observer status to the representatives of Turkish Cypriot community. The European Union considers the area not under effective control of the Republic of Cyprus as EU territory under Turkish military occupation and thus indefinitely exempt from EU legislation until a settlement has been found.

The status of Northern Cyprus has become a recurrent issue especially during the recent talks for Turkey's membership of the EU where the division of the island is seen as a major stumbling block in Turkey's road to membership.

As a result of the Nagorno-Karabakh issue, however, Azerbaijan itself has not recognised North Cyprus. When the entry points with the Republic of Cyprus were closed, the applications were made either through middlemen or through consulates and embassies of Cyprus in other countries.

After the opening of the borders with the Republic of Cyprus, Turkish Cypriots started lineups applying for Cypriot passports by visiting the Republic of Cyprus and showing proof of their Cypriot ancestry.

The Security Forces Command consists of an 8, strong force primarily made up of conscripted Turkish Cypriot males between the ages of 18 and The Security Forces Command is lightly armed and heavily dependent on its mainland Turkish allies, from which it draws much of its officer corps.

It acts essentially as a gendarmerie charged with protection of the border of Northern Cyprus from Greek Cypriot incursions and maintaining internal security within Northern Cyprus. It is equipped with a substantial number of US -made M48 Patton main battle tanks and artillery weapons.

The Cyprus Turkish Peace Force is deployed principally along the Green Line and in locations where hostile amphibious landings might take place. The coastline of Northern Cyprus features two bays: The Mesaoria plains consist of plain fields and small hills, and is crossed by several seasonal streams.

The eastern part of the plain is used for dry agriculture, such as the cultivation of wheat and barley, and are therefore predominantly green in the winter and spring, while it turns yellow and brown in the summer.

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A relatively unspoilt part of the Mediterranean Basin biodiversity hotspotNorthern Cyprus has considerable ecological diversity, containing a variety of terrestrial habitats. These donkeys, under the protection of the Turkish Cypriot government, are free to wander in herds over an area of square kilometres square miles [90] The donkeys have earned a strong image for the peninsula, which is also home to a rich fauna and relatively big forests.

Snow has been known to fall on the Kyrenia Range, but seldom elsewhere in spite of low night temperatures. The short spring is characterized by unstable weather, occasional heavy storms and the "meltem", or westerly wind. Summer is hot and dry enough to turn low-lying lands on the island brown.

Parts of the island experience the "Poyraz", a north-westerly wind, or the siroccoa wind from Africa, which is dry and dusty. Summer is followed by a short, turbulent autumn. Climate conditions on the island vary by geographical factors. Humidity rises at the Karpaz Peninsula.

northern colorado business report twitter page

The Southern Range blocks air currents that bring rain and atmospheric humidity from the south-west, diminishing both on its eastern side. Tourism is one of the dominant sectors of the Northern Cyprus' economy.COLORADO FLY FISHING.

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