Standardized testing an unnecessary evil essay

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Standardized testing an unnecessary evil essay

In a three-minute video announcing this reversal, Obama cracks jokes about how silly it is to over-test students, and recalls that the teachers who had the most influence on his life were not the ones who prepared him best for his standardized tests.

The average student today is subjected to standardized tests between preschool and high school graduation. Further, the highest concentration of these tests are in schools serving low-income students and students of color.

This thoroughly bi-partisan project was enabled by George W. It did, however, make four corporations rich by assigning their tests as the law of the land. Desperate school districts, ravaged by the Great Recession, eagerly sought Race to the Top points by promulgating more and more tests.

The cry of the parents, students, educators and other stewards of education was loud and sorrowful as Obama moved to reduce the intellectual and emotional process of teaching and learning to a single score—one that would be used to close schools, fire teachers and deny students promotion or graduation.

Take, for instance, this essay penned by Diane Ravitch in The curriculum will be narrowed even more than under George W. There will be even less time available for the arts, science, history, civics, foreign language, even physical education.

Teachers will teach to the test. What Ravitch warned us about has come to pass, and Obama has now admitted as much without fully admitting to his direct role in promoting the tests.

Duncan and Obama, with funding from the Gates Foundation, coupled Race to the Top with Common Core State Standards and the high-stakes tests that came shrink wrapped with them. These policies in turn have produced the largest uprising against high-stakes testing in U. To give you just a few highlights of the size and scope of this unprecedented struggle, students have staged walkouts of the tests in Portland, Chicago, Colorado, New Mexico, and beyond.

And the parent movement to opt children out of tests has exploded into a mass social movement, including some 60, families in Washington State and more thanfamilies in New York State.

One of the sparks that helped ignite this uprising occurred at Garfield High School, where I teach, when the entire faculty voted unanimously to refuse to administer the Measures of Academic Progress MAP test.

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The boycott spread to several other schools in Seattle and then the superintendent threatened my colleagues with a ten-day suspension without pay. Because of the unanimous vote of the student government and the PTA in support of the boycott—and the solidarity we received from around the country—the superintendent backed off his threat and canceled the MAP test altogether at the high school level.

Can you imagine the vindication that my colleagues feel today—after having risked their jobs to reduce testing—from hearing the president acknowledge there is too much testing in the schools?

And it should be clear that this national uprising, this Education Springhas forced the testocracy to retreat and is the reason that the Obama administration has come to its current understanding on testing in schools.

Standardized testing an unnecessary evil essay

The tangle of tests promulgated by the federal government is now embedded at state and district levels. More importantly, the President exposed just how halfhearted his change of heart was by declaring he will not reduce the current federal requirement to annually test all students in grades 3 through 8 in math and reading, with high school students still tested at least once.

A reauthorization of NCLB is in the works right now, and all versions preserve these harmful testing mandates.

The real shame, which Obama never addressed, is that as long as there are high-stakes attached to the standardized tests, test prep activities will continue to dominate instructional time.

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At the federal, state, and local level, we have all supported policies that have contributed to the problem in implementation. Honesty would dictate that we recognize that the biggest obstacle to the success of our students is that politicians are not being held accountable for the fact that nearly half children in the public schools now live in poverty.

As Congress debates the new iteration of federal education policy, they should focus on supporting programs to uplift disadvantaged children and leave the assessment policy to local educators. This is the world we cover. Because of people like you, another world is possible.

There are many battles to be won, but we will battle them together—all of us. Common Dreams is not your normal news site. We don't survive on clicks. We don't want advertising dollars. We want the world to be a better place. But we can't do it alone.A major abuse of standardized testing involves allocating school funds or teacher pay through test scores (Woolfolk, A., ).

Using high stakes tests for the allocation of funding, or to encourage accountability through teacher pay is a serious abuse and misuse of a test . Testing is a necessary evil of the system that we are in, unfortunately.

Whenever I get together with my fellow teachers, about half of the time is spent griping and groaning about the tests, and. Alfie Kohn writes and speaks widely on human behavior, education, and author of fourteen books and scores of articles, he lectures at education conferences and universities as well as to parent groups and corporations.

Hey all, Like i said before on the old test section of this website, nothing beats studying for this test than taking old exams and then analyzing why you got the answer wrong or right.

helps if you have a spreadsheet to track it. i think that over 70% of the exam is repeat concept testing (you will see the same cite i.e. n etc repeated over and over). State-mandated standardized tests create unnecessary barriers in our public education system, take valuable classroom instruction time, and divert significant public funding to a for-profit testing company instead of the classroom.

It is a fascinating reversal of historical motivations. The SAT, developed in the s based on IQ tests used by the military, was adopted by Harvard president James Conant in order to find smart.

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