The dynamics of competition

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The dynamics of competition

Under the leadership of Harry Hillaker father of the original Fthe original goal of the program was to be a quick project to demonstrate the applicability of supersonic transport technologies to military aircraft. The F's electronic flight control system was tweaked to allow control at high angles of attack.

The wing was also a big fuel tank which greatly increased range. The study went on for two years. The goal of the cranked arrow was to have a high sweep inboard panel for low drag at supersonic speeds, and a low sweep outboard panel to provide better handling and maneuverability at subsonic speeds.

It featured all moving wing tips for roll control and an all moving vertical tail. These surfaces were actually the horizontal tail surfaces from the FA. These surfaces were later dropped as they did not provide adequate control at low speed, high angle of attack. Also, there would have been no provision for wing-tip mounted missiles.

The main wing incorporated forebody strakes to enhance vortex generation for high angle of attack maneuverability, negative stability for improved subsonic lift and reduced supersonic drag.

It was built around a inch fuselage stretch. Both the large wing and fuselage stretch yielded a dramatic increase in range at all speeds. These two airframes became the only examples of the FXL.

The concept envisioned an aircraft capable of launching deep interdiction missions without requiring additional support in the form of fighter escort or jamming support.

Though the two aircraft were competing for the same role, they were fairly different in design approach. The FE is basically an FD two-seat trainer with the back-seat station modified to support ground-attack instruments, while the FXL has major structural and aerodynamic differences from the original F As such, the XL would have required much more effort, time and money to put into full production.

Furthermore, engine redundancy can be very useful for an aircraft whose mission involves operating within the reach of anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missilesin addition to the standard threats of fighter aircraft and interceptors.

Design[ edit ] An air-to-air left underside view of an FXL aircraft. However, as the FXL exhibits greater stability than the native F, these changes were not detrimental to the handling of the aircraft. The enlarged wing allowed a total of 27 hardpoints:Competition BMW of Smithtown is your local new, used and certified BMW Dealer in Long Island NY.

Stop in to today for an exceptional offer on your next BMW. General Motors and IBM have been battered to their cores. Jack Welch, the chairman of General Electric, called the frenzied competition of the 's "a white knuckle decade" and .

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fund manager & investment adviser Management Jon Putnam Jon Putnam founded Competition Dynamics as a platform for economic research and testimony at the intersection of antitrust, intellectual property and international trade.
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Groups Working As One A population is a group of organisms that are all the same species. That's it. You're done. A group of ducks would not be a population if there were mallard and wood ducks combined.

The dynamics of competition

Scientists would say that there are two populations existing in the same area. Paul Mampilly is an American investor, top stock analyst, and editor of The $10 Million Portfolio, True Momentum, Profits Unlimited, Rapid Profit Trader, and more.

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