Unemployment summary

When a member of a family is unemployed, the family feels it in lost income and a reduced standard of living. There is little in the realm of macroeconomics more feared by the average consumer than unemployment.

Unemployment summary

Unemployment and underemployment reduce family income and thus can cause financial instability. Consequently, family financial hardship can contribute to behavioral and social problems in children, and compound poor physical health 2.

Children who experience economic hardship when they are young, or who experience extreme and prolonged hardship, are at greatest risk for poor developmental outcomes 2.

Children with unemployed parents also are at higher risk of experiencing family relocation and repeating a grade in school than children whose parents are stably employed 2, 3. In addition, long-term parental unemployment is associated with decreased earnings for children when they enter the work force 3.

For more information on unemployment, see kidsdata. Sources for this narrative: As cited on kidsdata.

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Population Reference Bureau, analysis of data from the U. Census Bureau's American Community Survey microdata files. Unemployment from a child's perspective. The trend in California's unemployment mirrors that of the U.

Unemployment varies across California counties, ranging from 3. City-level rates also show variation. California figures for children without secure parent employment have exceeded national figures since at least Policy Implications California faces significant workforce challenges.

Unemployment summary

The state unemployment insurance system is insolvent, the state is not producing enough college graduates to meet the future needs of its economy, federal funding for income support designed to help families weather financial hardship has declined, and many segments of the economy have lost substantial numbers of jobs 1, 2.

According to research and subject experts, policy options that could mitigate unemployment include: Also see Policy Implications on kidsdata. Major issues facing the unemployment insurance program. Why California should invest in economic opportunity for women and their families.

California urban crisis and fiscal decline: Trends in high school dropout rates and economic implications. Urban Affairs and Public Policy, Changes in TANF work requirements could make them more effective in promoting employment.

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. Responding to long-term unemployment.The seasonally adjusted unemployment figures are subject to annual revisions when the latest set of seasonal factors is updated, taking into account observations for the latest available year.

Annual figures are the simple averages of the non-seasonally adjusted unemployment figures obtained at . Frictional unemployment is when workers voluntarily become unemployed while searching for a better job or moving for unrelated reasons.

Go to the "Employment Situation Summary Table A. Household data, seasonally adjusted." Find "Reasons for Unemployment.

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What is Unemployment? - Definition, Causes & Effects. Lesson Summary. Unemployment refers to people who want to work and are actively seeking a job, but are not currently employed.

There will. The Summary item of the Unemployment section displays the current data for the unemployment entry, and allows options for editing and viewing different aspects of the entry. The page is categorized into groups - Unemployment Info, Charges, Shortcut, Status, and Option.

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COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA. Keystone State. Proudly founded by William Penn in as a place of tolerance and freedom. The UI Data Summary is produced quarterly from state-reported data contained in the Unemployment Insurance Data Base (UIDB) as well as UI-related data from outside sources (e.g., Bureau of Labor Statistics data on employment and unemployment and U.S.


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