What are the major concerns about benihana s future

By reducing the menu to only three simple Middle American entrees:

What are the major concerns about benihana s future

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Please prepare the assignments listed below for each class. Use the questions as a guide for preparing each case. Define and explain the field of operations management.

What are the major concerns about benihana s future

Identify the differences between services and goods production. Apply the input-transformation-output model to various service and manufacturing organizations. Discuss the importance of viewing operations from a strategic perspective. For a given service or manufacturing organization, differentiate between alternate methods of securing a competitive advantage through operations.

Match appropriate process to different types of product. Understand the stages of the product life cycle.The service sector of the U.S. economy employs over 70% of the labor force. Yet, effective management of service operations has received limited attention.

In this course, the differences and similarities between service and manufacturing organizations will be analyzed. Major design choices which generate operating efficiencies In summary let‟s look at some of the service design choices which Benihana has made and how these have resulted in operating efficiencies.

as food costs would also be low. whilst virtually eliminating waste. Benihana, a Teppanyaki Japanese restaurant with hibachi concept was a major success.

The service concept was new and unique to the market which differentiated itself from the typical existing restaurants. Benihana’s Issues in s Case Analysis – Benihana of Tokyo 7/28/ 12 Limited supply of skilful staff Benihana’s business model required approximately 30 people who are all Oriental 1 High initial investment Each new unit costs Benihana a minimum of $, B.

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Concern Regarding Future Control of BOT The Board also discussed BOT's concerns regarding the dilutive effect of the BFC Transaction. The Board determined not to pursue any of the alternative proposals and voted Benihana's Certificate of Incorporation gives the Benihana Board the power to issue “blank check” preferred.

Major facts about Benihana are: Benihana is a restaurant chain founded in , by Hiroaki (Rocky) Aoki Consisting of 15 restaurants in US by Gross Sales of the entire chain is about $12 million Offers a limited menu and targets Business person, Tourist visitors and White Collar Targets high traffic area and spends heavily on.