Write a new ending to the giver

Sam Patwegar Oct 24 Reply I perfectly understand what you are going through. You love your family and want to build a life around them — Is this your primary goal?.

Write a new ending to the giver

Jonas runs away from the community, and either escapes or dies in the snow. When Jonas learns the truth about his community, he is angry.

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He thought that everything was perfect. Sameness protected people from pain. There were no choices, and no emotions, so things were good. It turned out that Sameness covered up a lot of abuses. In order to prevent uneasiness, discomfort, or any negative The story ends ambiguously in The Giver.

In order to prevent uneasiness, discomfort, or any negative emotions, the people took drastic steps. These included killing people who had broken three laws, and killing one baby when identical twins were born.

SparkNotes: The Giver: Chapters 21–23

He calms down and he and The Giver plan for him to escape, thereby releasing the memories to the people. The ending is not clear. Jonas goes through rougher and rougher terrain.

Jonas felt more and more certain that the destination lay ahead of him, very near now in the night that was approaching. None of his senses confirmed it. Since this is a science fiction book, it is possible. Lowry leaves it up to the reader to decide whether Jonas survives and escapes, or dies.

SparkNotes: The Giver: Important Quotations Explained

Some readers may prefer to know for sure. Since there are sequels in which Jonas is clearly alive, it seems possible to rewrite this ending with Jonas escaping, where the reader knows he is alive.

The Giver Newbery Medal Book."The ending is undeniably hopeful." As the spark notes analysis said. I understand how a majority of the readers came to this conclusion and I accept it, but I want to investigate how the event actually played out in the end of The Giver. Science Fiction Ending Created Giver Report.

T T Info. Epilouge. The Ending That I Created for The Giver Chapter The End. love4ever But somehow he knew that it was there, that it wasn’t just an echo. I’m guessing you’re the new, well, you were the new receiver after I left.”. My Ending For 'The Giver' Chapter TheDoormouse.

Tags Science Fiction Short Stories Fanfiction Ending Adventure Scifi Giver Short Story The Giver Lois Lowry (This chapter starts a little into Chapter 23 where Jonas fell off of the bicycle and he was lying in the snow) "Gabe," Jonas began, "Just over that hill is our new future, a future.

New Reading List Because I'm the kind of person who loves a happy ending(and because my teacher made me write this for school) I decided I'd write a happy ending to The Giver. Jonas and Gabe (after traveling in circles on a bike) Reviews: Name: The Giver Write Your Own Ending Before you begin writing your own ending, answer the following questions to review the last chapter of the book: 1.

Jonas and Gabriel were cold and tired. Fanfiction Short Stories Science Fiction Ending Adventure More.. Report. T T Info. August 17, · 5 pages. Chapter Epilogue.

write a new ending to the giver

My Ending For 'The Giver' Chapter TheDoormouse. Tags Short Stories "Just over that hill is our new future, a future that we made for ourselves." He whispered excitedly.

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